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New NZ Residence Visa Pathway Available For Care Workers

Care workers will soon have a pathway to New Zealand residence if they are working in a job that matches a role on the Care Workforce sector occupation list. This is shown below:

  • Aged or Disabled Carer

  • Child or Youth Residential Care Assistant

  • Disabilities Services Officer

  • Diversional Therapist

  • Kaiawhina (Hauora) (Maori Health Assistant)

  • Nursing Support Worker

  • Personal Care Assistant

  • Residential Care Officer

  • Therapy Aide

To be eligible for a Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have worked full-time in a care workforce occupation in New Zealand for at least 24 months, and within a 30 months’ period before the date the residence application is made.

  • Received payment at or above the Level 4 hourly pay rate for care workers throughout the 24 months period and when applying for this visa. The current level 4 hourly pay rate is $28.25.

  • Hold any work visa, or critical purpose visitor visa with work conditions, or interim visa during the 24 months period.

  • At the time of applying, you must work for an accredited employer in a care workforce occupation, or you have a job offer from an accredited employer for a care workforce occupation.

  • The employment or job offer must be full-time (minimum of 30 hours per week) and permanent, or fixed term for 12 months at least.

  • Be under the age of 56 when applying for this visa.

  • Meet the health and character requirements for residence.

  • Meet the English language requirement, which is equivalent to an overall IELTS score of 6.5.

Applications for this visa will open on 29 September 2023, and you can claim work experience in a care workforce sector occupation dating back to 29 September 2021. You can include your partner and dependent children in your application.

Please contact BK Immigration Law if you want to find out whether you are eligible to apply for a New Zealand Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa.


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